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De Einder / Horitzó

De Einder / Horitzó, Montségur, Frankrijk / De Dordtse Biesbosch,
The Netherlands, 2004 / 2005

The Horizon as an experience of open space and seclusion, as a limit and as infinity in space and time.

In 2004 eleven artists from Andorra, the Netherlands and Spain were working for two weeks in the surroundings of Montségur in the French Pyrenees. A year later the river landscape of the Biesbosch near Dordrecht in the Netherlands was the scenery of their activities.

Not only were the differences in the locations an important aspect but also the different environments of the participating artists. Where in the North the horizon is a stable point of orientation, this sight is rare in the mountains.
This contradiction was the starting-point of the project and determining for the character of the works.